nature camping

Camping is an excellent way to unwind. This provides a way to get away from modern living, with its problems and in touch with nature.

You can choose somewhere close to camp or go a long distance away to visit a national park or to a particular state or a particular campground you have heard about.

It can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. It is about enjoying yourself and those with you, and de-stressing.

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Tips for a better camping experience:

1. Water – bring along a ration that will allow one person to have 2 or more liters to drink each day. With the current environmental situation, rainwater is no longer safe to drink. Bringing water is every bit as important as bringing your camping equipment. Your alternative is to purify your water. Also check beforehand, some campgrounds do have water spigots you can get water from.

black bear siting

2. Be wary of the animals. They are wild creatures, no matter how cute. Enjoy them from a distance.

3. Be alert. Every camper must be alert to their surroundings and the weather. Get an emergency radio – many bring in the weather stations. and be quick enough to give rescue or support as soon as an emergency happens. When camping, come prepared for bugs, poison ivy, and bring emergency supplies such as rope and first aid kit.

4. Have a plan. Even when you plan on just relaxing, you need to have your important things such as clothing, food and water on hand. No planning means leaving some thing important behind.

Keeping these things in mind, have a great and relaxing camping experience.