What To Look For In A Family Tent

What To Look For In A Family Tent

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The right family tent will create a comfortable environment for your family. You have to look for the right tent to help your family enjoy the camping experience. Some of the things you need to consider when choosing a tent include the living space, rain protection and the strength of the tent.


The standard height of most family tents is between 7 and 10 feet. This can offer enough headroom for your family to stand. A floor space of 10-12 feet is enough space for most families. Some of the tents even have removable room dividers which separate space between family members and give you some privacy.

Enough Space

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Ensure that you have enough living space, area for cooking and porch. You will also need space where you can keep your cooking equipment and clothes. Consider the activities your family will engage in when camping to help you determine the size of tent that can satisfy the needs of your family.

If you are visiting a showroom or a store that has tents on display, check out all the ones available. Walk into the tent and have a feeling of how it feels like using that particular one. This will help you decide whether this  can really be enough for your family or not.

Or you can go online and shop for tents, usually at a discount. I like to shop on Amazon, as I get good prices on so many things. You would have in mind what size you want, or how many people need to fit in the tent. It will usually say “2 person tent” or “6 person tent” and you can check the dimensions also.


The strength is another very important factor to consider. When checking out on the strength, you have to consider things like reliable grommets, sturdy poles, double sewn seams and heavy duty zippers.

This is where I like to read the customer comments at the bottom of the Amazon page, as people will rate and review the camping tent and give their personal experience as to how it holds up, if something broke, etc..

Rain Fly

Nobody wants his family to use one that easily collapses under the weight of wind. You have to use a camping tent which can withstand the wind and protect your family from wind and rain. Ensure you choose one that has a rain fly, which has tension adjustments stretching into the lower part of the ground in order to hold it in place.

Screened Porch

It should also have an entrance porch offering an area where you can take off your dirty or wet clothes before you enter. This will make your tent stay neat, dry and nice. One without a porch will most likely end up looking dirty with grass and mud.


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The material used to make it is also another important factor to consider. You can look out for either a polyester or nylon or canvas. The material used to make it is very important in ensuring that the inside stays dry. Make sure the tent material is treated.

Set Up

These days, most of the tents are easy to pitch. Even though most take about 30 minutes to set up, you can get ones which can be a bit quicker to pitch. Therefore, you have to find out how long it will take to set it up or set it up in a trial run at home.

Make Your Best Choice

There you have it. With this info, you will be able to create a comfortable environment for your family with the appropriate family tent.

Updated: July 1, 2019 — 5:23 pm