Joshua Tree Camping

Your Guide To Joshua Tree Camping

camping in joshua treeMany people know that Joshua Tree camping offers some of the very best camping experiences that Southern California has to offer.

From its world-class climbing, gigantic boulders, epic stargazing onto its iconic flora-and-fauna this happens to be an outstanding venue to build your own fire and pitch up your tent.

Here is some information about Joshua Tree and how you can make the most out of your next camping experience.

Where Is Joshua Tree National Park situated?

Only a 2 and half hour drive east of Los Angeles, this park is really close enough to enjoy a spur of the moment weekend getaway while you can still feel like you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This National Park is just to the east of Palm Springs and Idyllwild and north to the Salton Sea.

The Best Time Of The Year To Visit

Joshua Tree National Park camping is available throughout the year and if you are not too concerned about the hottest days in summer months or those extra cold nights that the winter has to offer you can enjoy this park anytime of the year.

However, the most popular time of the year to visit will be between March and the early part of June due to the cool nights, warm days along with the extensive array of the Southern California wildflowers. Seeing those are a never to forget experience when so many bloom at one time in the spring. Type in “desert in bloom california” to Google images and take a look for yourself.

Can I Visit This Park If I Don’t Want To Camp?

joshua tree camping

There are a few options available if you don’t mind paying for more extravagant accommodation, you may want to consider the eclectic and charming hotels in the Joshua Tree area. Or if you enjoy a more rustic experience and if you have the time and the gear with the appropriate permits you may want to backpack opposed to camping in the rear country regions of this park. Keep in mind that there will be no picnic tables, fire rings or toilets when out in this wilderness.

What Are The Fees Involved In Camping In Joshua Tree?

The entrance fee into the park is charged per a vehicle and will cost you $20 for up to a 7 day stay, at the time of writing this. If you arrive with a bike, motorcycle or on foot the fee is only $10. Over and above the entrance fee, you will pay $15 per night, per site or a $20 fee per night at the sites that are featured on the 3 campgrounds which have potable water

Can You Reserve Campsites In Advance?

The majority of the campgrounds in Joshua Tree work on a first-come, first-serve basis. This park typically becomes very busy on the weekends that run from October to May. It is advisable in these times to arrive during the week or on a Thursday night to ensure you are able to find a site that is open. Indian Cove and Black Rock campgrounds offer reservations that are available for bookings. However, from the month of October through to May in the summer months all the sites work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What To Bring Along

joshua campingOver and above the usual essentials such as a sleeping pad, sleeping bag and your tent, you will want to bring along your own firewood. This is because the nights can get very cold and wood is not available once you arrive at the campgrounds.

In addition, there are only 3 campsites in the entire park which have running water. For this reason you will want to bring enough water for cleaning, cooking as well as enough for you and your family to stay hydrated in the summer months. It can be very warm in the Summer.

You can also take advantage of the coin-operated spigot found at the entrance of this park if you would rather fill up water containers once you reach the campgrounds. The majority of campsites feature fire grates but you can also bring along your own camping stoves. Other necessities also include camping chairs, sturdy shoes, hats and a first aid kit.

Joshua Tree Camp Sites

There are a variety of campgrounds to choose from once you reach the Joshua Tree National Park. Here is a list of some of the options available to you:

•Hidden Valley

•Indian Cove
•Black Rock

•Sheep Pass

•Jumbo Rocks

•White Tank



So here you have an overview of Joshua Tree Camping and some tips to make it as enjoyable as possible. Write your camping list out ahead of time and make your reservations! Enjoy this unique experience.

Updated: July 1, 2019 — 4:21 am