The Best Camping Tips To Stay Warm At Night

The Best Camping Tips To Stay Warm At Night

Camping is always fun especially if you are going with family and friends. However, you shouldn’t freeze out there in the cold. Here are some of the best camping tips to help you stay warm at night.

1. Layer Up

camping tips

camping tips

If you are going camping, whether alone or with other people, you need to layer up. Bring those extra blankets and rain coats with you. Even better, don’t wait till it’s cold to start layering up. Rather, as soon as you get to the camping site, start layering up and keep the warmth through the night effortlessly.

2. Don’t Forget Your Thermals

Yes, as much as thermals might bring up an image of another age, they will help you keep warm through a cold camping night. You should bring the leggings and long-johns or even long sleeve thermal tops to help you keep warm through the night.

3. Hot Water Bottle

Whenever you plan on going camping, you need to invest in a good hot water bottle. Don’t forget to bring a kettle or stove as well. Note that, the weather might be a bit warm when you choose to go camping but it would help a lot when it suddenly becomes cold.

4. Keep Warm Before Going To Bed

If you feel cold right before you get into your sleeping bag, you are likely to feel cold through the night. It doesn’t matter if you have additional bedding or not. Well, it’s advisable to find the best ways to remain warm before going to bed. Therefore, you should have a warm drink, take a run to the loo or take a brisk walk. Even better, you can do some star jumps to increase your core temperature right before zipping yourself up in the sleeping bag.

5. Use Sleeping Bag Liners

When you are going camping, you need to consider buying sleeping liners, especially the silk ones. You will enjoy the extra warmth that comes with these liners. If silk liners tear up too fast, you can opt for fleece ones. They will trap the heat for you and you can enjoy the warmth through the night effortlessly.

6. Don’t Forget About Down Insulation

With down insulation, you can rest assured that you will be warm and toasty through the night. It’s a very good investment if you are planning on going camping during the cold weather. Note that, there are many sleeping bag fillings that are quite effective at trapping heat so you need to do your research before you go shopping.

7. Insulate Your Tent Properly With Carpets Or Rugs

staying warm when campingOnce you have set up your tent you need to add some insulation for the best results. You can add rugs or carpet to the floor of the tent where they will provide the insulating layer and stop cold from coming from the floor. With these rugs, if you choose to get out of the sleeping bag at night, you won’t be stepping on the cold floor.

Try these tips to remain warm through any night when camping!

Updated: July 1, 2019 — 5:50 pm